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Friday Finale Frenzy

By: Joyce, Anje, and Joelle

The final day brought in 75 excited children and adults to see what craft they would be creating and what treats they would be surprised with. Gabe started us off with an Armor of God talk which the kids sat quietly for. Then Anja presented the color Green for the Wordless Book for growing in Christ and ended teaching the crowd the memory verse with a song she wrote and played on her ukulele, what a treat it was!

Whitly finished us off with the Mission Story. Jacob led us all week with some fun songs for the kids to remember and today included a song that a few of the girls from Cannon Ball helped us lead.

The last craft for the week was planting seeds to help us remember to Grow in Christ. Anje blessed us all week with her gift of loving on and motivating preschoolers and some adults. Crafts were designed to be something special they could hold onto. What a fun time it was to see all the crafts come together! Thank you, Joyce, for all the thought that went into them.

Tonight, we invited the “older” kids up to the community center to play…we had a fun time teaching the kids 9 square. There was also a very exciting game of 4 on 4 (Pastor Brian did an amazing job keeping up with the kids 😊) Most of the kids that joined us were going into 6th grade. What a blessing it has been to see our youth love on the kids from Cannon Ball.

Pastor Boots brought in some local artisan jewelry and crafts that our team was able to purchase and support the ministry. Everyday Pastor Boots arrived with a beautifully beaded/crafted lanyard along with a story behind each piece. We really have learned about and appreciated the love and commitment that Peter and Angela have for the people of Cannon Ball and Tipi Wakan. They left their home in Virginia to make this their home and their community.

Food, Food, and more Food. Today we served 75 hungry munchkins and some parents.

Joelle and Caryn amazed us with their culinary care and grace over the many mouths that were fed throughout the week. Some fun numbers:

15 batches of Rice Krispie Bars

6 large bags of Gold Fish

50 lbs. of Hamburger

75 bowls of nachos and 75 plates of Sloppy Sloppy Joes

75 pounds of potatoes

The hits for the week were the chicken pot pie on Tuesday and the Meatloaf and mashed potatoes on Wednesday.

As leaders, this week was so fun to watch our kids meet the needs of the kids that joined us each day. Serving, helping, playing, leading, working together, and coming to love each and every kid. They learned their names and personalized the experience with each one.

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Friday Finale Frenzy