Worship Times:     Traditional at 8:00 am     •     Contemporary at 9:30 & 11:00 am



Alexandria Covenant Church Emergency Response Team


• We will use experience, training and common sense to enact wise decisions while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere free of fear and full of trust in the Almighty. Matthew 10:16

• We will recognize that love for God is enmity with the world. We will recognize that identifying ourselves as joint heirs with Jesus puts us in the sights of those who hate the Gospel and would do radical things to prevent fellowship of believers. Matthew 10:22

• God promises to always be with us; He alone can supersede the effect of free will and prevent logical results from disastrous free will actions. We will seek God’s help always, but even more fervently when a detrimental action puts us in danger. Hebrews 13:5b

• While God promises to protect us, he expects us to use the Holy Spirit’s intuition given to all Christians to make smart decisions within the realm of our capabilities. Just as the Jews, while trusting in Elohiym, made sensible provisions to prevent attack by their enemies, we will provide reasonable, sensible provisions to prevent harm to the assembled followers and staff of Christ at Alexandria Covenant Church. Nehemiah 4:9


• Capable of carrying out commands from the team leader as issued in the course of their assignment.

• Use level of authority in an approved manner. Not abuse the trust placed in them.

• Communicate clearly with the Executive Pastor with regard to availability for service.

• Understand this is a voluntary position and members are not required to complete any tasks they may feel are unsafe or beyond their abilities.

• Ability to walk and/or stand for extended periods of time and run for a limited amount of time.

• Ability to remain calm should any emergency arise.

ACCERT members who are employed by a professional agency (i.e. law enforcement, security, etc.) must be in good standing with their professional agency and follow any and all procedures from their particular agency.


Questions? Scott Stumpf, 320.491.1956