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VBS Begins!!

Adriana Schmitz

We survived day 1 of VBS! I got to teach the memory verse and wordless book, today was about sin. It was so difficult trying to talk to these kids about sin, I told them that daddies and mommies’ sin too. This one little girl asked, “what does your mommy and daddy do when they sin?” I had no idea how to answer that question, I drew a blank, thankfully someone shouted, “do they cuss?” Yea that was a good idea, so I went with it.

These kids were nothing like I worked with before, their attention span is so small. I loved these kids, but they are a little crazy. I got to work with a weed eater for the first time in forever! Doug taught me how to use it and how to put the string stuff in the spinning thingy. I was out of my comfort zone for sure, but it felt good knowing how to work with something confusing and complicated. This weed eater had a lot of problems though, it had to be rewound a lot of times, something wasn’t working right with the spinning thingy. It just feels good to learn about something new, especially when I thought that I wouldn’t ever be working with something that big and dangerous, for me at least.

Anja Williams

Hey folks back home! Today was a day. The crew was up and ready at eight AM! Hard to believe right?! We made our way to Tipi Wakan and set everything up, we rearranged those chairs and tables more times than gardener checks their flowers. Sooner than later we were ready for takeoff, the little kids flooded the room timidly but fast! We started off with singing songs and let me tell you, us leaders did a great job singing :-) the kids were wild and full of energy towards everything but what they were supposed to be doing, I knew I had to expect that, but it was more than I expected. Eventually they calmed down and became “comfortable”, I had one little girl who I was sitting by and she kept hitting her sister, so I asked her if she would like to sit on my lap and she took up the offer and was then attached at my hip for the rest of the day :-) the day went on with lots of laughs and smiles, dinner was soon served and that became a hectic moment (lol) it wasn’t bad but KOOL-AID was spilling here and there, soon you would see lettuce fly across the room and a little boy who shockingly wouldn’t eat. They then got on their bus and we could breathe and just relax, for the first time in hours we could take a seat and just sit. #success

Last night I got to experience my first pow wow, my goodness, I could go over and over and OVER! From the drums to the singing to outfits! WOW, stunning. I was taken away by the intricate designs on the dresses and men’s outfits. The beading was beautiful and told such a story, the feathers were still full of life even though they had been plucked :/ the colors were so vibrant and not one of them looked the same. You’ll have to go check it out for yourself, 10/10 recommend. (just go there geared up in the armor of God, go with the right beliefs and a guarded heart)

It feels good to be here, I love the culture and the people. God is so good and I am beyond thankful for the seeds that have been planted here, can’t wait to plant more and see where Gods plan takes this reservation .

PS: If you go to the main website: you will find a slide show of pictures that we will continue to update throughout the week.

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VBS Begins!!